what is "forging"
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Forging is a manufacturing process, which shapes a solid-phase metal workpiece by applying compressive forces on it. According to the temperature at which it is performed, forging is classified in “hot”, “warm” and “cold”. The machines used to squeeze and deform the material into high strength parts can be divided in the following categories:

  • Pressure forging machines with rotational movements: longitudinal and radial rolling mills
  • Combination of pressure machines with translational and rotational movements: orbital forging and flospinning


Grain Structure of Forged Components

It is essential to note that the forging manufacturing process is completely different from the casting one, where the molten material is poured into a mold. Another significant difference to the other manufacturing methods as casting and machining is that forging improves the mechanical properties of the material by refining its grain structure, providing a good grain flow, and making it tougher and stronger.

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