• Automatic Die Lubrication Device

    This pump do not need stop, discharge pressure. Usually worker add graphite and water in rated ratio in normal condition into the emulsifier pump container, to realize continuous producing and the water level can be monitored. This emulsion in the container will be transferred to the valve control system by pressure pump. This pump can be follow-up pressed or whipped, and its pipe, filter can be cleaned by handle valves.

  • MS blank conveying machine

    CFM can supply convey machine and automatic feeding machine, and can specially design according to workshop and forgings. Standard design all kinds of convey machine, controlling wind cooling convey machine for waste heating normalizing;

  • T58 Link Walking Beam

    This walking beam is main used for transferring on press with multi-stations, and is essential automatic device for big cold forging press and hot die forging press.

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