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Main users such as Sinotruk two front axle forging production lines, FAW large tonnage front axle forging production line, China North First Machinery, Beijing Aviation Materials Research Institute, Shandong Huayuan five rigging forging production lines, Iraeta 1.5 m flange follow-up control fully hydraulic free die forging hammer line, Baotou Steel Group, etc.
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The main users are such as China Institute of Marine Geological Prospecting, Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jiangsu Longyuan Zhenhua Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Salvage Bureau, Guangdong Jingindium Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd., and Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. YC-3,500kJ and YC-2,500kJ super large Marine hydraulic piling hammers have been successfully applied to the large diameter single pipe steel piles in CGN, Jiazi 1, Jiazi 2, Shenquan no. 2 (8.5 m diameter, 110 m long, 2,218 tons), Sheyang, Dafeng, Rudong, Qidong and other offshore wind power projects.
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